Gas Fireplace?  Gas Fireplace Insert?  Gas Stove?  What’s the difference?

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Gas Fireplaces


A Gas Fireplace comes in two varieties:

  • Masonry
    • Constructed out of non-combustible masonry -bricks, stones, cement block, or poured concrete
    • Typically built by a mason or contractor
  • Gas Fireplaces SonomaZero Clearance-‘Manufactured’ Fireplace
    • Sheet Metal box mounted into a stick-framed wall
    • ‘Zero Clearance’ means that wood studs can be very close to the sides and rear of the firebox exterior.
    • Fireplace opening can be completely enclosed by surround material

A Zero-Clearance Fireplace can be installed where there was no fireplace before. Easy to be worked inexpensively into a remodel.  Today’s fireplaces in Northern California are typically gas fired, which means they will function as efficient heaters, can be burned whenever you wish, and come in many sizes and shapes and configurations.


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Gas Fireplace Inserts

Gas Insert2

A Gas Fireplace Insert is exactly what it says – it ‘inserts’ into your existing fireplace. Gas Inserts can be installed into either a masonry fireplace or a zero-clearance fireplace. Therefore, the size of the fireplace’s opening is a critical to determining which unit can be fit into the firebox.  Wood burning inserts are also available, and get installed into masonry fireplaces for more efficient wood-fired heat.   Click here for a form to help you measure your fireplace.  Gas inserts can be a great way to keep your family room cozy and warm, and your pets will love you for it as they sleep in front of its warm glow.

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Gas Stoves


Gas Stoves SonomaA Gas Stove is a free-standing gas or wood fired heater with a pretty visible flame.. Think a ‘Franklin Stove’.  If the stove is gas, it should be Direct Vent.

Gas Fireplace InstallsAny gas fireplace or insert worth considering will utilize a technology called Direct Vent. Fireplaces need air (oxygen) to burn. Direct Vent fireplaces use a bi-directional flue – one part brings air in from outdoors, while the other part exhausts the by-products of combustion. This is far superior to the old ‘B-Vent’ style of venting – which takes conditioned air from the room, air that it cost money to heat up, and using that for the intake air and sending it up the chimney..

Gas fireplaces, inserts and stoves offer the most versatility. With ‘smart’ remote-controls or wall thermostats, they can operate as heating appliances, or can just be about ambiance & mood. Today’s modern units are clean-burning and highly efficient, offering warmth without releasing sooty particulate-laden smoke into the environment. Gas fireplace units are available in either natural gas or Liquid Petroleum (LP) models and we feature gas fireplaces, gas fireplace inserts or gas stoves at Villa Terrazza.

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