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Grilling meats and vegetables captures something in the food that indoor kitchens just can’t. From a Big Green Egg to a commercial-grade US-made BBQ with Sear Zone, we’ll give the Foodie in you all the tools you need to wow your guests with extraordinary gastronomic events! BBQ’s can be fueled by wood, gas (LP or natural), or even pellets.

Wood Fired BBQ & Smokers

Wood-fired cooking imparts a flavor that can’t be matched. Different flavor profiles can be experienced by adding other wood species to the fire, (such as apple, alder, mesquite) — all impart distinctive nuances to the food. There are many different wood-fired models to choose from. Our favorite is the Big Green Egg, a.k.a. “the World’s Best Cooker”. A brilliant improvement on the traditional Asian kamado cooker used for more than 2,000 years, the ‘Egg allows controlled grilling and smoking, resulting in a juicier, more flavorful result than metal-bodied cookers. In our opinion, bulk charcoal is usually preferable to briquettes.


Why is Wood-Fired cooking so popular?

From the days of cave dwellers man and womankind have been preparing food over fire. Wood fire imparts a flavor that really can’t be faked. Different types of wood impart different flavors. Read our blog for more information about the subtleties of cooking with applewood, mesquite. alder, grape. etc. Metal-bodied charcoal-fired BBQs have been in use since there were 55 gallon oil drums to cut in half.

We all remember getting the bag of charcoal, dousing it with liquid charcoal starter, and seeing that huge >POOF!< when that lit match was thrown onto it. One of the problems with metal-bodied BBQs is that they lose a fair amount of heat through the walls of the BBQ. They are also not air-tight, which means if cooking for a long time, the charcoal needs to be replenished.

Kamado-style cookers, such as the Big Green Egg, solve these problems. Kamados are made of ceramic so they retain much of the heat from the fire. Therefore, the fire needs to burn much less intensely, in fact it is just smoldering. Kamado cookers operate like a wood stove, with the primary air intake underneath being the main way to regulate the fire’s intensity (and therefore the cookers temperature). The secondary air control on the top of the cooker also controls the fire’s intensity. Another great benefit of a kamado cooker is that it has a fire-resistant gasket seperating the top and bottom halves, rendering the cooker airtight. Why is this good? Because when the cooking is done, one can close the bottom and top air vents, and the fire goes out! Then coals can then be used again and again. That doesn’t happen with a metal-bodied BBQ.


Gas Fired BBQ’s

Gas BBQ’s also excel when you have a large number of people to cook for. Our favorite line is Made inUSA and has features such as infrared sear zones (to sear flavors and juices in), integrated smoker tray and lights for nighttime use, built-in rotisserie (with NO external motor!) for roasting poultry and roasts, and other accessories allow easy preparation of a myriad of dishes. Just turn them on, & start grillin’!

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