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We carry a full variety of shade sails and shade structures to enhance your outdoor living experience in our Villa Terrazza store in Sonoma. Come and take a look at our wonderful selection of shade sails and shade structures, speak with our outdoor decorating specialists and let us help you build your outdoor escape.

Shade Sail Sonoma

Shade Sails Sonoma

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Cabanas are a 4-poster umbrella of sorts. Available in any sunbrella™ fabric, they are available in 4-mast version or a central mast option (essentially an umbrella with side drapes). 4-mast units provide a clear-span shaded area without amy obstructions in its center, and are typically available in larger sizes than the single-mast versions. Most cabanas are available with different side drape options – from a insect screen, to a willowy Sunbrella™ sheer, to canvas walls, all the way to a framed & tensioned wall, providing wind protection and privacy. Corner masts can be anchored with umbrella bases, or via in-ground mounts.


Pergolas combine an architectural element with a permanent shade structure. Available in wood, metal, or synthetic varieties, there are many looks and styles to suit any decor. Some get their shade coverage from plant material, others use lattice or fabric. The architectural nature of the structure simulates a room-like structure, and lends itself well to an anchoring element such as a fireplace or water feature at one end. Some models offer optional side panels, which give privacy and wind protection.

Buying Outdoor Patio Umbrellas


Look for Quality and Innovation in Your Patio Umbrella:

Patio umbrellas today, including those made by Tuuci and Tropitone, are designed to entirely satisfy any customer’s taste and expectations.
A patio umbrella is a perfectly innovative shade because it is engineered to last in any possible environment, no matter how harsh the conditions.


Patio Umbrella Standout Design:

Designs may vary, but higher-quality patio umbrella shades look like they are works of art. They may be beautiful in simplicity and at the same time ready to satisfy the most extravagant and the most eccentric tastes.
Patio umbrellas are available in a range of colors; white is often the most popular because of its natural sun protection and it is a classic color that never goes out of fashion. However, patio umbrellas are available in colors such as black, blue, beige, and azure.
The materials used in the manufacturing process include aluminum, hardwood, and fiberglass. Some manufacturers, including Tuuci and others, have devised composite material solutions such as Dura-Teak or Alum-Teak, which combine the advantages of different materials.


Choosing Patio Furniture to Match:

A patio umbrella is just one part of a complete outdoor furniture collection.
To make the best choice for patio furniture, first analyze the style in which your house has been built, the space available for the patio furniture, the material that will perfectly blend in your environment and in the overall style, and the functional purpose of the outdoor furniture.
Patio furniture is also known as casual furniture, however in recent years, it has become its own segment of home furnishings. For some homes, it is now equal in importance to indoor furniture and is often the first thing guests notice when entering a yard or patio.


The materials available for patio furniture are:

  • Aluminum, iron, and steel, which can transform a classic patio furniture into a sumptuous one.
  • Wicker and woven, which are generally found in two forms: natural and synthetic. The natural wicker and woven are recommended for covered patios because they are sensitive to changes in the environment.
  • Wood, which will never be out shined as a material for patio furniture and provides easy maintenance and durability.

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