Create the Outdoor Space of Your Dreams

Sometimes you just don’t know where to even start — this especially can happen when there is a ‘blank slate’, such as a new house, or a freshly created hardscape. Villa Terrazza can help! Our designers collaborate with you in a easygoing,never pushy way to help you create the space of your dreams. Our goal for you; every time you walk into the outdoor space we helped you create, you look around and say to yourself, “I love this!”


We Ask Good Questions & Really Listen to Your Answers

Depending on the project, we might start off with a questionnaire which helps you concentrate your thinking about how you’d wish to use the indoor or outdoor space. Once we understand the lifestyle considerations (How many people typically when you entertain? Do they help you cook?) and the site considerations, (Prevailing wind direction? Sun exposure? Color palette?) and your tastes, likes, and dislikes, we can begin to make recommendations. If you need the service of a contractors, we know lots who we can recommend enthusiastically.


We Work Within Your Budget

Many times budget considerations don’t allow every part of the project to be completed at once — we specialize in defining a master plan, which can be broken into phased implementations as funds become available. With a unifying master plan of color schemes, frames and fabrics, each part becomes part of the cohesive whole as they are completed, creating an overall united design scheme.

Villa Terrazza Design Team

Jerilynn – Chief Designer

outdoor living design dervicesInside or outside the home, Jerilynn offers you her knowledge and experience to help make your home a well thought out sanctuary. From custom window treatments, furniture selection, lighting, complete color guidance, fabric selection, wall finishes, & fireplace surrounds all the way to helping select that little accent piece or wall art that finishes the space superbly, Jerilynn and the rest of our designers work within your tastes and budget to help you furnish your escape.

Jerilynn brings over 20 years design experience in both residential and commercial spaces to provide choices and selections guaranteed to create a significant ‘WOW’ factor! Visit Jerilynn’s website today to learn more about her interior design services.