Beautiful Outdoor Patio Furniture


Transform Your Backyard Into an Outdoor Escape

Furniture that lives outdoors needs to be able to stand what nature delivers, a totally different standard of wear than indoor furniture. Your outdoor patio furniture will get rained on, blasted with UV rays, endures pollen, and a steady rain of dust. It’s a demanding environment – one that requires quality outdoor furniture that will last years. Our gorgeous patio furniture is also know as casual furniture.

Outdoor Patio Furniture


Relax in Your Private Oasis

We feature many different materials and styles to choose from at our Villa Terrazza showroom in Sonoma:

When selecting casual furniture, pay particular attention to construction details, materials, and warranties. Fabrics specifically intended for outdoor use, such as Sunbrella are guaranteed to resisting fading in the sun.

Avoid furniture with a short lifespan that is inexpensive because it just increases the loads on our landfills, and ends up costing more over time when it must be purchased over and over again. Outdoor furniture is an area where you really get what you pay for, the reason so many of our winery clients buy from Villa Terrazza, since they know that investing in quality pays over the years.

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